One of the most waited and important topics. How would you find out new stocks everyday? 

How do people come across stocks which nobody have heard about before. That makes it a very important and helpful topic of all times. Remember, not every good thing comes to you after a big struggle. Some great things can be found out from a very simple path which many of us just ignore.

I am sure everybody browse through a website everyday . Why don't we just make it productive to us.

Topic is Winning Stocks- Why don't look for stocks which are winning and making new highs.

This time when when you browse through the site. Just look the page which gives you the list of 52wk highs@ . So, you have to look through each and every stock and find out the best looking stock in terms of technical.

The article is written of 1st-April-2017 and i have seen the stock HSIL making a new 52wk high. So, let's take an example.

Doesn't it look beautiful? A great breakout, isn't it?

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